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Dear Representative /Senator  (     )
I want your help to help our Veterans by removing the administrative barriers placed by both CMS on the reimbursement side and the FDA on the device regulatory side to the revival of the manufacture of Dean Kamen's iBOT Mobility Device.

 An iBOT is the only “personal mobility device” that provides a true bridge between immobility and mobility, between dependency and self-sufficiency, between limitations and freedom. Using Segway-style gyroscopic technology iBOTs climb stairs and perhaps most importantly, transformer-like, balances on two wheels, seating the user at eye level with a six foot adult! That provides both greater independence in daily life functions but most important, it restores a large measure of equality.

iBOTs were made for several years but they were made too costly by government rules, FDA that classified it as a Class 3 Medical Device when other countries classify it as a Class 1 device and the unwillingness of CMS to recognize the value of giving our disabled veterans their eye to eye equality with a standing adult.
America's Huey 091 Foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization) provided 23 iBOTS to Veterans in the same time period the VA provided only 63. Help us help our wounded disabled veterans. Our Vets deserve much more then we are doing as a nation. Like President Reagan said, "Tear down that wall!"
Our veterans signed a blank check when they enlisted. An iBOT is a small price to begin to repay our wounded disabled veterans who sacrificed so much for our country, please help. Tell the FDA and CMS to amend their position on the iBOT.

Sincerely yours,


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