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Cancel Christmas    

cancel christmasDallas Premier December 8, 7pm Studio Movie Grill, I-75 Central at Royal Lane.

Huey 091 Foundation, with help of Hallmark TV Movie Channel's new movie "Cancel Christmas"  is illuminating our efforts to provide mobility devices to veterans and to revive the manfacture of the iBOT.

 Santa was surprised when the Christmas Board of Directors issues an ultimatum, In 30 days or less, make Christmas less commercial and material, or lose it forever. Santa's task, change the hearts of privileged kids so they, in turn, will reach out to help a less fortunate,  friendless boy in a wheelchair. Daunting? No more so than making reindeer fly.  After all, it's Christmas - believe with all your heart.

If you were moved by this movie and you are here on our website, we hope you will help us both provide currently  available mobility devices to our veterans, while at the same time support our effort to revive the manufacture of the iBOT Mobility System.

Thank you and Merry Christmas


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