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Cody Becker

On March 3, 2008, Pvt. Cody Becker was participating in training operations at Fort Carson. The vehicle he was riding in rolled over crushing his spine causing paralysis from his chest down, but still having full movement of his arms. Cody was promoted to PFC upon his retirement.

Cody Beck

Cody Becker, with his wife Jaclyn and daughter Nevaeh enjoy a minute together after the Cody Becker Day program.

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IBOT Check Presentation

Presenting check for iBot at American Airlines CR Smith Museum;
Left to right, Gary Lawson, Mike Snyder, NBC Channel 5 News Anchor, Mike Jackson (Huey Board Member), Donna Lochow (Huey Board Member) Scott Ziegler, Independence Technology.



Below, past iBOT recipients, Jacob Waguespack (Army, Ret.), Sgt. Manny Mendoza (Army, Ret.), Cpl Alan Babin (Army, Ret),  Sgt. Ryan Major (Army, Ret), Erica and Joshua Cope.