Education Objective    

Develop program to take existing and supplemental footage from the 091 journey and create resources to enhance educators ability to teach the history and the contribution of the U.S Military, including those who served during the Vietnam War through the conflicts of today and to enhance the values of citizenship, patriotism, civics, and provide motivation and incentive for students to overcome challengers and make good decisions as citizens of the United States.

Education Initiatives

  • Education Committee comprised of teaching professionals from throughout the Country
    • Martha Cothren, How the desks are earned
    • Superintendants from Major School Districts in PA
    • Educators from Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania
    • Collaboration with PA Veterans Museum Education Initiatives
  • Over 90 Hours of Footage from original 091 Huey journey, Digitized and Edited for inclusion in Education Modules
  • Additional interviews with medal of honor recipients, Veterans, Presidential Pilots, POWs, have been recorded for inclusion in Education Modules
  • B.G. Burkett, Author of “Stolen Valor”, member of 091 Team to ensure accuracy and validity of Veterans involved
  • SFC (ret) Dana Bowman, former “Golden Knight” conducts assemblies for students Nationwide, inspiring, educating, and motivating.



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