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Rosie's tenacious, yet gentle way allows her to see past the no’s to find the answers, the guidance and the resources she needed for her family and for the many wounded service members who she has helped.  She is an Army veteran herself and a former paralegal and an administrator.  She continues to care for her son full-time since he was wounded in Iraq but has decided to put her experience to work to help other wounded, and their families.

Today Rosie speaks before civic and veterans groups to inspire and motivate them to fill the gaps where the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration fall short in meeting the needs of our combat veterans.  She works with members of Congress to keep the interests of wounded warriors front and center and she helps families find their way to a new state of normal that is happy and whole.  Her efforts have gained the attention of military and elected officials as she continues to be a part of bringing about changes to federal law and DoD regulations. 

Rosie was a SP4 in the Army, a Protocol Specialist to the Commanding General of the 8th ID - the largest mechanized unit in Europe.  Husband Alain was a Sgt and crew chief on Hueys, also in the Army.

Rosie is married to her high-school sweetheart, Alain, today, a Captain with the Round Rock Police Department.  Together, they have two children Alan and Christy, and reside in Round Rock, Texas.