Board Members    

MG Richard Stephenson, Foundation President, (U.S. Army, Ret.), Army Aviation Hall of Fame, Viet Nam Veteran

 MG Richard E. Stephenson, Chairman Emeritus, a graduate of West Point, has made major contributions to the Army and Army aviation for more than 40 years as a combat aviator, logistician and retiree. Many of his innovations have had dramatic impact on Army aviation. Today, he is co-founder and President of America's Huey 091 Foundation. 

Attorney Gary Lawson, Foundation Chairman and President, Strasburger & Price L.L.P. Law Firm

Gary Lawson, a Partner at Strasburger & Price, LLP Dallas Texas is a highly regarded lawyer, co-founder of America's Huey 091 Foundation and several other non-profit organizations, including Medisend International. Gary was the Vice Chair in 2009, and is now serving his second year (2012 & 2013) of, a non-profit dedicated to helping children who lost a parent in the military since 9/11.

Gary was selected as a “Texas Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly and Law & Politics magazines, 2007,  2008, 2012 & 2013. In June 2013, Gary was inducted as an honoary member of the 160th SOAR, the "Night Stalkers" for his long service to America's military, first with Going Home with America's Huey, America's Huey 091 Foundation and as vounteer, a board member and Chairman of Snowball Express.

CW5 Gary Linfoot, (U.S. Army Ret.) Board Member, US Army SOAR, "Nightstalker"

 In 1997 Gary Linfoot became a member of the Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) serving in combat as a "Little-bird" pilot. 

William "Bill" Chatfield (USMC, Ret.)  Board Member, Chair, Government Affairs Committee

Bill Chatfield served as the Director of the U.S. Selective Service System, appointed to that position by President George W. Bush, the Nation's 43rd President. Bill now chairs the initiative to return the iBOT Moblity System to production.

Donna Lochow, Board Member, Director Patriot Fund, VP, Chair Selection Committee

 Donna brings years of corporate managment experience together with a passion for helping our veterans to our Board. Donna Chairs our veteran selection committee, helping determine the right technology for the injured veterans who apply for our assistance.

James "Jim" Gigrich, Board Member, Aligent, Veteran U.s. Army, Vice-Chair, Government Affairs

Jim Gigrich, the son of an Army and Air Force father who served in the Vietnam War, Korea and West Berlin. Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and received a Regular Army Commission in 1986 as a Military Intelligence Officer from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

Mike Jackson, Board Member, Vice President, Assistant Treasurer



Col. Charles Bogle (U.S. Army Ret.) Foundation VP, Secretary and Vice-Chairman Selection Committee, Viet Nam Veteran

Col. Charles Bogle (US Army Ret.) and his wife of 44 years, Dorothy Williams live in Westcliffe, Colorado. They have successfully "fledged" two grown children; a daughter, Ashley, and son, Bryan.


CW3 Larry Shatto, (U.S. Army, Ret.) Board Member, Viet Nam Veteran

Larry N. Shatto is a Contractor/Maintenance Test Pilot currently flying the AH-64D Apache Longbow at Fort Hood, TX. He retired from the US Army in 1989 as a Chief Warrant Officer and worked for Lockheed Support Systems Inc (LSSI) prior to joining DynCorps. He continues to work at Ft Hood for M1 Support Services and actively supports 091 by helping determine possible mobility device candidates and promoting the needs of our wounded veterans.


AA Captain Jim Palmersheim, Veteran U.S. Army

Captain Jim Palmersheim, Director of Veterans Initiatives, American Airlines.

One of the principal reasons America's Huey 091 Foundation's namesake helicopter holds a place of honor and serves as a tribute to the men and women of our Armed Services, in the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Price of Freedom Exhibit, is the tireless work of Capt Jim Palmersheim, both a rotary and fixed wing pilot.

Jim and General Dick Stephenson led the efforts with dozens of other veterans and civilians to fly 091 to every military academy on its Final Journey Home.

Jim's passion for our veterans and their families is the impetus that America's Huey 091 Foundation got its "wings" and today provides education to our nation's children on the "Price of Freedom" and provides aid to our most seriously wounded veterans and their families.


Rosie Babin, Veteran U.S. Army and Caregiver to Wounded Warrior

As the mother of Alan Babin, a severely wounded warrior, Rosalinda “Rosie” Babin knows first-hand the challenges that service members and their families face after they’ve been wounded and what the caregivers face when taking care of a severely wounded patient.  She herself faced many paths with no clear direction and many ‘No’s’ from places she turned to for help after her son was critically wounded in 2003.

Dr. Roy E. Alston, Ph.D.

Dr. Roy E. Alston is a 1989 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he earned a BS in Leadership. Roy served in the US Army as a commissioned officer with the 82d Airborne Division. Roy served in combat with the 1st of the 319th Field Artillery Regiment during the first Gulf War. Roy is a graduate of the US Army's Ranger School, Airborne School, Jungle School, Field Artillery Officer's Basic Course, and the Field Artillery Officer's Advance Course. Roy earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2003 and received his doctorate in management with a specialization in leadership and organizational change from Walden University in 2010.

Mario Salazar Inventor Engineer

 After graduating from South Texas College, Mario went on to work for Lockheed Martin at NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston, where he worked on the development of mechanical/electrical test fixtures used on the Space Shuttle Program.  After ten years at NASA Mario went on to work on the Iridium Satellite System for Motorola, then moving to Colorado Springs where he began working for ARINC in software and hardware support as well as developing Satellite communications hardware for US Special Forces. 

In 2002 Mario discovered that an angular measurement device did not exist in order to efficiently make the precision cuts required for furniture- making,l leading to his inventing and patenting a precision magnetic angle measurement tool which he later licensed to Sears Craftsman.  He is currently working on other precision wireless angular tools that are speech capable for the visually impaired craftsman.

Mario was awarded the Editors Choice Award from Popular Mechanics and has been featured in   “This Is My Job” segment as well as a contributor to the “Inventors Handbook” segment.   Mario has also been featured in the DIY Network “Inventors Challenge” and  DIY’s “Cool Tools” where he was a judge in a ten thousand dollar first  prize inventors giveaway.



Lauren Palmersheim, now a Freshman College Co-Ed, often singing beautiful patriotic songs at military and veteran support events, is a strong supporter of Huey 091 providing high-tech solutions to our nation's wounded. Lauren's brother, an Army Pilot, recently completed his third tour in Iraq and Afghanistan.


And over 100 volunteers throughout the United States