About America's Huey 091 Foundation    

Extreme X-8

The Extreme X8 four wheel drive electric wheelchair will go through sand, snow, mud and over rough terrain. Several of our veterans, wanting to return to the outdoor actitives that they enjoyed before their injury and we have provided them the X-8 just for that purpose

Jason Morgan, USAF, Ret. Special Operations Command, Operation Renewed Strength.

Jason said, "It worked great on the beach, better than I even imagined... and my chair (from America's Huey 091 Foundation)  made this the best trip I've ever had. I spent hours every day on the beach with my boys and we went on night walks too because I have headlights on it"

.Stephen Valyou, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Retired Army out enjoying a beautiful winters day in the field with his son. Badly injured while serving his nation, Stephen wanted help getting back outside, enjoying winter with his family. Rather than an iBOT, which though good in most terain, Stephen asked America's Huey 091 Foundation to help him get back outdoors enjoying winter sports, and so we provided Stephen his own X-8. Stephen hasn't stopped there, he's gone skiing on specialized monoski's with outrigger poles.