About America's Huey 091 Foundation    

501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation in the State of Texas

  • MG (Ret) Richard Stephenson, Foundation President, United States Army  
  • Attorney Gary Lawson, Strasburger & Price L.L.P. Law Firm, Foundation VP, Treasurer and General Counsel 
  • Col. Charles Bogle (United States Army, Ret.), Foundation VP, Secretary and Vice Chair, Selection Committee
  • Capt. Mike Boston, Board Member  (United States Navy, Ret.)
  • Gary Linfoot, Board Member (CW5, SOAR, "Nightstalkers", Army, Ret.)
  • Larry Shatto, Board Member, Veteran United States Army 
  • Donna Lochow, Board Member, Foundation VP, Chair Selection Committee
  • Mike Jackson, Board Member, Foundation, VP, Assistant Treasurer
  • Hon. William Chatfield, Board Member, (USMC, Ret.) Chair, Government Affairs
  • Jim Gigrich, Board Member, Veteran, United States Army, Vice-Chair, Government Affairs
  • AA Captain Jim Palmersheim, Advisor, Veteran, United States Army
  • Over 100 volunteers throughout the United States
      * Serving in any capacity with the 091 Foundation is voluntary, no compensation is permitted to any members

Huey in the air
Huey on the ground